The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a vital role in providing financial assistance to millions of South Africans through a range of social grants. One of the most well-liked grants is the SASSA SRD grant, which offers a monthly payment of R350 to support individuals in need.

The grant is disbursed in many ways, including Post Office locations, cash-send services, and direct bank transfers.

Change Bank Details in SASSA

Recipients of SRD grants through bank accounts must keep their information updated. You may open a new account, change your name, or relocate, so changes are inevitable.

Regardless of the reason, modifying your financial information with SASSA is an easy process that may be completed via email, phone, or the internet.


A valid South African ID or Smart ID card, documentation of your current bank account (such as a letter or official bank statement), and access to the mobile phone number registered with SASSA for OTP (One-Time Pin) verification are required.

Although the online update process takes a few minutes before the change takes effect, SASSA usually needs to verify your updated banking information, which can take seven to ten working days.

Yes, you can update your banking information online by going to the official SASSA website, logging into the SASSA portal with your registered cell phone number and ID number, and then following the instructions to change your banking details.

The mobile app’s procedure is the same as that of the website. Download the latest version of the SASSA app, use your login credentials to log in, locate the area dedicated to upgrading banking details, input your new banking details, have an OTP sent to your phone to confirm the update, and submit.

It’s crucial to get in touch with SASSA directly if, after updating your banking information, you don’t hear back from them via email or message within a set time. They can help you with any problems and let you know how your update is doing.

Inaccurate banking information entry may cause your grant to arrive later than expected or result in the money being placed into the incorrect account. As soon as you find out you made a mistake, update your information again with the accurate details. Verify your information one more time before submitting it.

Updating your financial details is generally advised to protect security and privacy. However, if you have someone else assist you, make sure they are reliable and aware of the importance of correct data entry.

SASSA often needs more than seven to ten business days to validate your bank information. After 15 days, if you have not received a confirmation message, verify the progress of your request by calling the SASSA call center helpdesk.

How To Update SASSA Bank Info?

Receiving your grant payments may be delayed and cause unneeded problems if your banking information is not updated with SASSA. Consider how inconvenient it would be not to get the money you desperately need because of inaccurate information.

You may prevent delays in your grant payments while maintaining your reliable source of support during challenging times by making sure your banking information is up to date.

The procedure is easy to follow and requires a few quick steps to be completed:

Prepare Your ID Number

As the principal identifier for the duration of the process, have your South African identity (ID) number handy.

Visit the Website

To reach the part where you can update your banking details, go to the official website ( and follow the instructions.

Enter Your ID Number

By providing your ID number, you may direct the automated system of SASSA to send a secure link to the cellphone number you registered.

Click Here to Open the Secure Link 

You can update your banking information on a secure platform by clicking on the unique link provided.

Follow the Instructions. 

Make sure you accurately complete each step by paying close attention to the directions displayed on the screen.

Choose Your Preferred Mode of Payment

Select if you want your grant disbursed by money transfer or deposited into a bank account.

Update your banking information

Input your updated banking information and verify the details twice to ensure accuracy.

Verify and Confirm 

As a security precaution, SASSA will confirm the information once you have entered your new banking information.

Await Verification

Your banking data have been updated, and SASSA will send you a confirmation message following a successful verification.

The updating process might take a few days, so please be aware. Payments that are already in process won’t be impacted.

However, future grant payments will be sent to your updated bank account following the next scheduled payment cycle.

Bank Details Privacy

Prioritizing the security of your data is essential during the process of updating your banking details. The SASSA advises utilizing a secure internet connection and refraining from disclosing private information to anybody outside of authorized SASSA channels.

Remember that the primary identifiers in this process are your ID number and cellphone number; therefore, protect their confidentiality to prevent fraudulent activity.

Alternative Ways To Change Details

Even though updating online is handy, SASSA provides other options for people who would like a more hands-on experience or do not have access to the internet.

Update By Phone

  • Call the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11
  • Select the option for grant-related queries and explain that you need to change your bank details.
  • For verification, provide your name, ID number, grant reference, and contact information.
  • Clearly state your new account details to the customer service representative.
  • Note the reference number provided for your records.
  • Follow up with SASSA in 5-7 days to validate the successful update of your details.

Visit SASSA Office

  • Locate your nearest SASSA office and visit during their operating hours
  • Request assistance from the customer service desk to update your banking details
  • Present your ID book, passport, or asylum document for identification purposes
  • Provide the agent with your new bank details for updating
  • Confirm that the changes have been captured correctly before leaving
  • Return to the office in 5-7 days to validate the successful update of your details

Payment Receive Time

After your request to change your banking information has been successfully filed, SASSA usually needs five to seven working days to complete the payment switch and validate the new account details.

It can take an extra two business days for the first payment to appear in your new bank account after SASSA releases the funds.

It is, therefore advised to give yourself between 7 to 10 working days after updating your banking information before expecting the next grant payment to be paid into your new account. If you are transferring to a cooperative or rural bank account, this period can take a little bit longer.

Tips To Avoid Delay in Payment

It is advised to go by the following guidelines to guarantee a seamless and effective banking details update process:

  • Give Accurate Information: To prevent unnecessary delays, make sure you add all the relevant information, including your ID number, bank account number, and branch code.
  • Review Carefully: Review all the information well before submitting the form to ensure accuracy and reduce the possibility of errors.
  • Use a Secure Network: Use a secure internet connection to update your banking information online to protect your data.
  • Avoid Multiple Submissions: Avoid submitting the application more than once, as this may lead to misunderstandings and might slow down the process.


Maintaining the updated version of your SASSA banking information is essential for ensuring the continuous delivery of grant payments.

The easy steps described in this article will help you keep access to the financial support you depend on while updating your banking details.

Remember that SASSA is dedicated to helping individuals in need, and you play a crucial part in maintaining the system’s integrity by keeping your personal information accurate.

Please do not hesitate to contact SASSA’s customer care channels with any queries or if you run into any issues.