SASSA Status Check Payday (Withdraw Cash) 2024

The day the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) deposits financial assistance into the accounts is known as SASSA Status Check PayDay, and many South Africans look forward to it.

Recipients of child support, disability, or older person’s grants can all benefit significantly from the timely distribution of these payments.

SASSA Status Payment Dates

This article will examine practical advice and techniques to make your SASSA Status Check PayDay go smoothly and stress-free.

SASSA Payment Dates

Knowing your payment schedule is the first step in preparing for your SASSA PayDay. SASSA maintains a well-defined calendar for paying grants, with particular days for each grant type.

Older persons’ grants, for example, are usually paid on the third day of the month, although child support awards are given out according to the beneficiary’s birthday.

SASSA Payday Common Issues

Even with your greatest efforts, there could be times when you run into problems receiving your grant payment. This is how common problems should be handled:

  • Check Your Payment Status: SASSA’s web portal or phone line should be your first stop if your payment hasn’t been received by the deadline.
  • Notify Any Inconsistencies: If you observe any disparities in the amount received or suspect fraud, notify SASSA and your bank immediately. Give them specifics, such as the date and amount of money you expect.
  • Follow Up Continually: If your issue is not fixed, don’t be afraid to follow up with SASSA and your bank. Record all of your conversations and any reference numbers given; this information will come in handy if you choose to escalate the case.

How to Collect SASSA Grants

SASSA provides several payment options to guarantee easy access to your grant money. These include collections at participating stores like Shoprite, U-Save, Boxer, Pick & Pay, and Checkers, as well as direct bank transactions and ATM withdrawals.

Select the best approach for you, and be sure you have the required paperwork or cards for your SASSA PayDay.

What should we do if SASSA Status Declined?

If the status of your SASSA grant application is “Declined,” it can be upsetting and unsettling. To solve the problem, though, one must recognize the causes of the rejection and take the proper action.

The following are some typical causes of grant application rejections from SASSA and suggestions for resolving them:


SASSA grants are intended for particular age groups; your request can be turned down if you are not within the eligible range.

For example, those usually between 18 and 59 are eligible for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do if this is why your request was turned down unless you match the age requirements later.

Source of Income

Grants from SASSA are intended for low-income people or households. Your application can be turned down if SASSA’s screening procedure finds that your other income source exceeds the required amount (currently R595 per month for the SRD award).

Under such circumstances, you have the right to ask for a review and offer proof of your low income.

Active SASSA Grant

If you currently are the recipient of another SASSA grant, your request for another one can be turned down. The SASSA system is meant to stop anyone from getting more than one grant at once.

If this is the cause of your declined application, you might have to decide which grant would be more advantageous in your situation and resubmit.

Gov Payroll Registered

If SASSA’s verification system finds that you work for a government agency, your application can be turned down. Because of their consistent source of income, government personnel are usually not eligible for some SASSA grants.

If this is the reason your application was rejected and you think there was a mistake, you can ask for a review and submit supporting documents.

NSFAS Registered

If you are a student getting financial assistance from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), your SASSA fund application can be turned down.

NSFAS money is regarded as an alternative source of income; hence, you are not qualified for several SASSA grants.

You can request a review and submit revised information if this is why your application was turned down, and your financial circumstances have changed.

Referred SAFPs

SASSA takes extremely seriously the prevention of fraud. Your application may be turned down if their systems find any indication of possible fraudulent behavior connected to it, such as a linked risk mobile number or a record with the South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS).

Before reapplying, you should go through the appropriate channels to address and settle any possible fraud issues.


For many South Africans who depend on social assistance for their financial security, SASSA Status Check PayDay is an important day.

Staying informed, getting ready, and using SASSA’s communication channels will help you have a stress-free and easy payment day.

Remember that SASSA and your bank are here to help you; please don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any problems or questions.

You can concentrate on using your grant funds to meet your basic requirements and those of your loved ones with the appropriate planning and attention.

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