SASSA SRD Grant Appeal Online 2024 – Apply NOW

If your SASSA SRD grant application is not approved, you can again apply for the SRD 370 Grant appeal online. Here is the step by step guide on how to re-apply SRD Grant (SASSA SRD R370) appeal application online.

Visit SASSA Appeal Webpage

  • Go to, the official SASSA website.
  • Navigate to the “Services” page and choose “Appeals.”
  • Click SASSA SRD Appeals


Once you opened the SASSA official Webpage, now it’s turn to Register or Login. If you are new to the SASSA member, then you need to create a new profile and get yourself Register.

In case, you are existing member, then you just need to Login by entering your South African National Identity number and Phone Number.

  • Click “Sign In” after entering your username and password if you already have an SASSA account.
  • New users should click “Register” and follow the instructions to make an account.

Rejected Appeal

  • On the “Appeals” page, click on “Track Appeal Status.”
  • Enter your ID number and click “Search.”
  • You’ll see a list of your SASSA applications. Find the one that was denied and click on “Appeal Now.”

Reasons of Rejection

  • Carefully read the displayed information, including the date of your application, denial date, and reason for denial.
  • Ensure you are reviewing the correct grant application.

Upload Documents

  • In the “Appeal Statement” section, clearly explain why you believe your application was unfairly denied. Address the specific reason mentioned in the details.
  • Attach up to five supporting documents (e.g., bank statements, ID, proof of residence) by clicking “Browse” and selecting the files.

Review & Submit

  • Double-check your appeal statement and attached documents for accuracy
  • Click “Submit Appeal.” You will receive a confirmation with a reference number.

The SASSA appeal process provides a means for applicants who have been denied grants to use. The SASSA appeal number is your savior’s shield, providing guidance on any challenges you may encounter.

With persistence and determination, you can make a strong appeal online or over the phone.

The time frame changes, but SASSA aims to resolve appeals within 90 days. Additional documentation or workload may result in delays.

Yes, the grant can be reapplied if an appeal is rejected. Ensure that you clarify any queries raised during the appeal.

Yes, SASSA provides a web-based platform for monitoring appeals. You can use your 13-digit ID and phone number to track the progress of your appeal.

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