SASSA Payment Dates For 2024/2025 Official Calendar Released

For millions of South Africans, the South African Social Security Agency’s (SASSA) social aid serves as a lifeline, providing vital financial assistance in difficult times.

Knowing when your SASSA grant payment will arrive is crucial for budgeting and meeting your basic needs. Whether you are a senior citizen receiving the Old Age Pension, a person with disabilities receiving the Disability Grant, or a care responsible for children receiving the Child Support Grant.

SASSA Payment Dates July 2024

The scheduled payment dates for SASSA grants in July 2024 are listed below:

  • Disability grant: July 6, 2024
  • Old age pension: July 3, 2024
  • All other grants (child support, foster child, care dependency): July 7, 2024

Note that public holidays and other unanticipated events may cause these dates to be altered. Keep informed via SASSA’s official channels, as they try to notify you of any changes well in advance.

SASSA Payments

Grant TypeGrant Amount
Old Age Grant (60 to 75)R2,180
Old Age Grant (75 & Above)R2,200
Disability GrantR2,180
Child Support GrantR530
War Veterans GrantR2,200
Care Dependency GrantR2,180
Foster Child GrantR1,180
SRD R350 GrantR370

SASSA Payments Dates 2024/25

MonthOlder Persons GrantsDisability GrantsChildren’s Grants
May3 May6 May7 May
June4 June5 June6 June
July2 July3 July4 July
August2 August5 August6 August
September3 September4 September5 September
October2 October3 October4 October
November5 November6 November7 November
December3 December4 December5 December

Reasons of SASSA Payments Delay

Though SASSA strives to adhere to a regular payment schedule, many variables can affect the exact dates on which grants are paid out:

  • Public Holidays: To guarantee beneficiaries can get their money, payments may be rescheduled for the day before or after a public holiday.
  • Weekends: In the same way, a payment date that falls on a Saturday or Sunday may be moved to the Friday before or the Monday after.
  • Administrative Considerations: Internal procedures or system upgrades may require SASSA to modify the payment schedule occasionally.
  • Emergency Situations: While SASSA makes every effort to reduce interruptions and notify changes as soon as possible, natural disasters, national emergencies, or other unanticipated events may affect payment timing

Check SASSA Payment Status

Staying informed about when your payments from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will arrive is crucial if you depend on them. You may quickly find out the dates of your SASSA grant payments and their status by:

Step 1: Go to Homepage of SRDStatusChecker.Co.Za

Step 2: Enter South African Phone Number & ID Number

Don’t get worried if your SASSA grant money isn’t received on time. Look for notifications or updates about payment delays on the official SASSA channels. If there are no details, you may get help by contacting their customer care channels or your local SASSA office.

You can indeed switch how you pay for the SASSA grant. SASSA provides a range of choices, including contractual service providers, cash payments at approved pay points, and direct bank transactions. Change your payment method by contacting your local SASSA office or visiting their website.

To guarantee efficient grant payments and communication, SASSA needs your personal information to be updated. To update your information, such as your address or phone number, go to your nearest SASSA office or, if you have one, log in to your online account. Please provide any supporting paperwork required for the changes.

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