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An application for a grant must be submitted using SASSA forms. In this article, we will list every SASSA eForm and document required for SASSA applications, along with download links. These can be downloaded, printed, completed, and sent to SASSA with your relevant grant application.

Download All SASSA Grants eForm Applications

These forms include bank forms, consent forms, affidavits, and other necessary paperwork. Even though the forms are available at SASSA offices, you can save a lot of time by downloading and printing them to avoid standing in line.


To apply for any of the grants that the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers, you must fill out SASSA forms. Affidavits, bank forms, consent forms, and other forms necessary for handling grant applications are among these forms.

Yes, you can get SASSA forms by visiting the SASSA website or using the links from our web page.

The SASSA website allows you to submit completed forms online after creating an account. Alternatively, you can turn in completed forms in person at any SASSA office.

Yes, various affidavit forms and accompanying documents are needed for various grants. Ensure that you get and complete the right form for the grant you request.

The SASSA online application eForms can be accessed through the link However, to access other SASSA eForms, you will need to register and create an account on the SASSA web portal.

List of SASSA eForms

For Child Grant

Do you want to apply for a grant for child support? If so, you need to download and fill out the form below. SASSA requires you to provide information about your details, income sources, marital status, relationship with your child, and specifics about the child.

Care Dependency Grant

This is the SASSA Care Dependency Grant affidavit form. It only takes two clicks to download. Your personal information, marital status, and financial information are requested on the form. The download link is provided below.

Foster Child Grant

You can download the application from the link below to apply for the SASSA Foster Child Grant. You need official court evidence proving you are the child’s foster parent. You will qualify for this SASSA grant if the child is in legal foster care.

Old Age Grant

You can download the application form by clicking the link below to apply for the SASSA Old Age Grant. To download and complete your SASSA application, all you have to do is click the link. Alternatively, you may collect this form from the SASSA office, but you’ll have to stand in line.

Disability Grant

You can download and complete the attached form to apply for your SASSA Disability Grant. Personal details, such as your marital status, will be required from you. We’ll do a means test to make sure you qualify for the grant.

Grant in Aid

You must complete the attached form to apply for the SASSA Grant in Aid. You will need to provide personal information. In addition to your SASSA social grant, you could also need a Grant in Aid. Using the link below, you can download the form with ease.

Additional eForm

These are some of the necessary SASSA forms you may need for several processes, including the forms for reapplication, appeals, medical assessments, and SASSA eForms. You can get them by clicking on the provided links.

Bank Consent

You must fill out this form in order to have your SASSA grant payments deposited straight into your bank account. Below is the consent form for the SASSA bank payment.

Re-Application Form

If you have not applied for SASSA funding by the deadline, you will require the SASSA reapplication form. Please use the link below to get the reapplication form if you are not eligible for the SASSA grant payment.

Reconsideration Form

You must complete this form if you would like SASSA to reevaluate its decision to reject your grant. This form is used in situations where SASSA has denied your grant. The download link is provided below.

SASSA Appeal Form

Those whose grants were turned down for specific reasons can file a SASSA appeal. Millions of rejected candidates have hope when they file an SASSA appeal. To file an SASSA appeal, you must have the form below.

Medical Assessment Form

This form is required to verify your medical status if you receive funding from the SASSA for Disability, Child Support, Grant in Aid, or any other grant. From the below link, you can download the form in just two clicks.

Reconsideration Form

You must utilize the attached Reconsideration form if your SASSA grant application has been denied and you would like to appeal for a reconsideration of the ruling.

Proof of School Attendance

It is advised that you fill out and submit the required form for a school-age child (between the ages of 7 and 18) when requesting a child support grant. Although it is not required to receive child support grants, the government actively promotes this step and views it favorably.

The mission of SASSA is to make grant applications easier and better for all South African nationals. In an effort to shorten the wait time at SASSA offices, they have simplified the procedure by providing downloadable forms and SASSA eforms for online submissions.

Depending on the type of grant you are applying for—child support, care dependency, old age, disability, or Grant-in-Aid—you can easily choose the right form. For even more ease, you can submit the forms online via the SASSA website.

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