Get SASSA Grant in Aid – How To Apply (Official Method) 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides a relief grant officially named as Grant-in-Aid which was increased to R510 per month back in October 2023. The grant-in-Aid is paid to those eligible persons who are dealing with medical or psychological issues requiring ongoing care and assistance.

This financial Aid aims to support current recipients of social grants who cannot take care of themselves and need full-time home care services.

What is SASSA Grant-in Aid?

For those who currently receive a disability grant, old age grant, or war veteran’s grant, the SASSA Grant in Aid is additional. It intends to supply how these people can employ a full-time caregiver, allowing them to get the care they require in their homes.

How To Check SASSA Grant in Aid

It’s critical to check the status of your Grant in Aid application frequently after submitting it to stay informed about its progression. You can simply follow these steps to find out the status of your application:

  • Enter Your National Identity & Phone Number in Above Box
  • You can use Moya App
  • Send Message on SASSA Official Whatsapp No 082-046-8553
  • Send your National ID To SASSA Number 082-046-8553
  • Directly Call to SASSA Official Number 0800-601011

How To Apply Grant in Aid

Applying for the SASSA Grant in Aid can be done in person with a SASSA officer at your closest SASSA office branch. As an alternate, you can apply online by following the directions on the SASSA services website.

If age, illness, or disability prevents you from visiting the SASSA office, you may have a reliable friend or relative apply on your behalf. They have to provide a letter from you and a medical note outlining the reason for your inability to come into the office.

You have to send in the latest medical evaluation report attesting that you qualify for full-time home care in addition to the application. This report can be acquired from a state-appointed doctor or a private physician and should not be older than three months.


You must include the following documentation (original or certified copies) with your SASSA Grant in Aid application:

  • Your identity document, or 13-digit bar-coded ID.
  • An up-to-date medical evaluation report of no more than three months.
  • Proof of your marital status (divorce decree, affidavit, marriage certificate, death certificate).
  • Completed and signed SASSA grant in aid affidavit.

SASSA Grant-in Aid Eligibility

  • You must be unable to care for oneself because of serious mental or physical problems, requiring full-time care at home; you must also already be a recipient of the disability grant, the old age grant, or the war veteran’s grant.
  • You can’t be a patient at a state hospital or institution right now.
  • A verified medical assessment report attesting to your eligibility for full-time care or home support services must be provided; it cannot be older than three months.

Processing Time

A SASSA Grant in Aid application may take up to three months to process. Following approval of your application, you will begin to receive grant payments afterward from the day you filed it.

Payment Methods

After approval of your Grant in Aid, you will be paid using one of the following three channels:

  • Direct deposit into your Postbank or bank account (service fees may be imposed by banks)
  • Cash withdrawals from retail locations like Spar, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, and Usave are associated with SASSA
  • Obtaining information from particular establishments (old age homes, handicap centers, non-profit organizations, etc.)

If you decide to accept payments through a bank account, you must submit the following paperwork and fill out the Consent Form for SASSA Grant Bank Payment.

  • Identity documentation (driver’s license, birth certificate, or ID card).
  • The number of your bank account (which must be in your name).
  • Three-month bank statements with your account number and name on them.

You can visit the welfare office and fill out the required form at any time to change your banking information or payment method. After verification, the new payment option will go into effect the following month.

No, there is no cost associated with applying for the SASSA Grant in Aid; it is entirely free.

Yes, you may apply for the Grant in Aid in addition to the Disability, Old Age, and War Veteran grants at the same time.

The SASSA Grant in Aid amount is R510 per month as of October 1, 2023. This sum will not change in 2024 and will stay the same all year long.

The application process of SASSA Grant-in-Aid relief funds takes almost 3 months.

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