Checking SRD Status (SASSA/SC19) is now no more a difficult or complicated procedure because you can check the status of your SASSA Grant (Any Type) by putting your South African ID Number and your Phone Number.

SRD (SASSA) is a socio relief program which comes under the South African ministry of Finance under the rule of app-section 32 of the Social Assistance Act, 2004 (Act No. 13 of 2004).

This is now a matter of a few second, you just need a stable internet connected with any device and you can check the SASSA SRD Status (SC19) or R350 status online from anywhere in the world.

SRD stands for Social Relief of Distress Grant which is a purely social and relief program initiated by South African government for the benefits of their disable, deserving and financially unstable people.

How To Check SRD Status

You need to follow two simple steps by using a mobile phone or any device connected with the internet.

Step 1: Put Your South African ID Number in Above Mentioned SRD Status Checker Box

Step 2: Put Your South African Phone Number

Now you can see the status of your SRD grant.

Method To Check SRD Status

The simple and shortest method to Check the status of SRD Grant is already mentioned above, but if you don’t have the internet, then we have got few alternative methods to check the SRD Status offline.

Although, there are not too many ways to reach the result of SRD Status Check offline, but the limited are the ones that won’t disappoint you. You just need to go through following methods, any of the mentioned below methods can work.

In case, you don’t have access to the internet, then you can simply call the Head Office of SASSA (SRD) on Toll Free number 0800601011.

Even if you don’t have any Balance/Credit in you phone, then you can send a message and get the Status of your SRD Grant. You just simply need to send your South Africa ID Number and Phone number in text message to the official number of SASSA 0820468553. After you send the message, you will receive a detailed reply message acquiring the information of your SRD Status.

Whatsapp is also an offline source to check the SRD Status, yes you read that right because in South Africa few Telecom companies are giving Free Internet DATA only for Whatsapp and Facebook surfing. So, you can also send a message to the Whatsapp Number of SASSA which is 0820468553.

If you face any error or find a delay in response of SRD Status Check online on the official website of SASSA, then you can write an email directly to the thinktank or heads of SASSA. Just simply open any mail portal like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook or any other.

Write an email of your desire and send that to the [email protected]. You will get response back within few minutes’ minimum and maximum within 24 hours.

If you are satisfied with your application and that is approved, you can Call your Bank and confirm whether the payment is credited or not. This is one of the easiest and simplest way to check the SRD Status Check of grant payment.

How Does SRD Grant Work

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides a specific grant called Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) to the deserving, disable, families with low income and eligible citizens of South Africa. SRD SASSA is purely Socio-Economic Financial assistance program of South African Government for the people within the border of South Africa.

  • Eligibility Criteria

The SRD grant cannot be availed by every citizen of South Africa, yet there is a specific eligibility criteria. The citizens with any physical disability, Old Age Pension, Special Children and low-income individuals.

  • Application Procedure

Eligible citizens of asylum seekers must go through a proper procedure which starts from the first step which is SRD Application process. There are different ways to submit the application e.g visiting the nearby SASSA Office in located cities of South Africa or by using online sources like visiting the official website.

  • Documentation/Paper Work

Applicants need to provide the authentic information and required information to support their application such as proof of identity, income proof, disability proof and others that are mentioned below in the requirement section.

  • Application Review

Once all the documents are submitted with proper proofs and information, the governing body of SASSA will take a review. The heads of SASSA will review and asses the application and attached documents which could take up to 4 to 8 weeks, then decision will be made.

  • Approval of SRD Grant

Once the review is done, the decision of approval or rejection will be made depending on the authenticity of your application and attached proofs. If the SRD Grant is approved, the frequency or installments of the payment are set. For example, the approved SRD Grant for adults is provided in the times of crisis while Child Support Grant is paid on monthly basis.

  • Payment Methods

The SASSA agency uses different payment methods for the ease of applicants and avoiding misleading loss of funds. The approved applicants can get SASSA SRD Grant by mean of “Bank Transfer”, “Cash Payments” at designed pay point and also other electronic payment methods. SASSA SRD officials also give the option to the applicants to choose payment method that suits them best.

SASSA SRD R350 Payment dates are different in each month, its not like that there is a single and specific date of each month. The detailed chart and table of R350 Payment schedule is mentioned below where you can see the dates of SRD SASSA Grant, Older Persons Grant, Disability Grant and Children’s Grant as well.

Grant Types

The Grant dates are different with respect to the category of SASSA Grants as you can see in the table given below.

Grant MonthOlder Persons GrantDisability GrantChildren’s Grant
January 202403/01/202404/01/202405/01/2024
February 202402/02/202405/02/202406/02/2024
March 202405/03/202406/03/202407/03/2024
April 202403/04/202404/04/202405/04/2024
May 202403/05/202406/05/202407/05/2024
June 202402/06/202405/06/202406/06/2024
July 202404/07/202405/07/202406/07/2024
August 202402/08/202403/08/202404/08/2024
September 202405/09/202406/09/202407/09/2024
October 202403/10/202404/10/202405/10/2024
November 202402/11/202403/11/202406/11/2024
December 202401/12/202404/12/202405/12/2024
January 202503/01/202506/01/202507/01/2025
February 202504/02/202505/02/202506/02/2025
March 202504/03/202505/03/202506/03/2025

How Much SRD Grant Paid?

The amount of SRD SASSA Grant varies from category to category. There is no specific amount of SRD Grant for every category because the payment of SRD Grant is different from one category to another. As you can see in the table given below, the grant amount of Child Support is different and provided every month to the applicant, while the SRD R350 amount is different which normally given to the applicant in the time of crisis.

The grant is increased in 2024 and government of South Africa is providing following amounts in form of different SASSA grants.

Type Amount
Old Person Grant R2180 (60 Years) – R2200 (75 Years)
Disability Grant R2180
Care Dependency Grant R2180
Foster Child Grant R1180
Child Support Grant R530

SRD For New Generation

SRD Grant is not for every South African citizen. You must meet the eligibility criteria and few standards to avail of SRD Grants. We have designed a dedicated Guide Section for the South African people who are not aware that how to get SRD Grant in the first step and without declining the SASSA SRD Application on very first attempt.

If you are new to the entire set up, procedure and rules of SRD specially, then you must have an idea about the eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, but yet don’t follow the rules then you might face SASSA Application rejection instantly.

SRD Eligibility Criteria

What is the eligibility criteria for availing the SRD Grant (SASSA) is mentioned below in detail.

  • You must be South African Citizen
  • Special Permit Holder
  • Asylum Seeker
  • Age Between 18 to 60 Years
  • Living Within the Border of South Africa
  • No Employment or Education (With Solid Reason)
  • Not Receiving Any Insurance
  • Not Receiving any Stipend from the “National Student Financial Aid Scheme
  • Not a Resident in a Government Funded or Subsidized Institution

The above mentioned 10 rules/policies are the major area of eligibility. If you don’t meet any single policy or rule among the above mentioned, then your application of SRD (SC19/SASSA) will be rejected right away.

How to Apply for SRD Grant?

Applying for the SRD (Social Relief Distress) grant is quite an easy task, but you must meet the eligibility criteria. Once all the standards and rules of eligibility criteria are followed, then you can apply for SRD Grant online within few minutes.

How to apply for SASSA Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) R350 Application? Download the Application form of SRD. Fill the form, provide the required information, Check box of their consent and process of applying SRD grant done.

What are the Requirements? There are not too many requirements or complicated information of applicant is required. Applicants have to provide the following information.

  • Identity Number of Department of Home Affairs Refugee Permit Number
  • Name & Surname as Captured in the Identity Document
  • Gender & Disability
  • Contact Details – Phone Number/Email Address
  • Residential Address

Guide To SASSA (SRD) Application for Asylum Seekers

The asylum seeker who are not from South Africa, are also eligible to avail the SRD (SASSA) grant. Asylum seekers need to fill the application form and submit it to the government of South Africa online.

The following guide would help and guide the outsiders of South Africa asylum seeker in South Africa border. Note: Criteria is also the same for them as mentioned above.

Step 1: Visit the Official SASSA SRD Webpage

Step 2: Scroll Down to the footer where section of Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders and click here to apply online.

Step 3: Insert your Phone Number and click on Send SMS

Important: You must make sure that the device is “ON” and with you, as SASSA will send you a SMS with an OTP code to be confirmed on the following Step to the application.

The Phone Number should contain 10 digits and no Spaces e.g 0123456789

Step 4: After receiving the OTP Code on your mobile phone in an SMS as you can see the Sample below

Step 5: Insert the 6-Digit OPT Code as you can see in the Sample image below

Step 6: Click on and read the Declaration and Consent by the applicant. This document contains information on the qualifying criteria to the grant as well as the terms and conditions of the grant.

Step 7: After reading the Declaration and Consent by Applicant document, select

  • No: If you do not agree to the contents of the Declaration and consent document.

Note: If you select NO, the application process will end and you will not eligible to apply for the grant.

Yes: If you agree to the contents of the Declaration and Consent by Applicant.

  • Note that if you select Yes you will have immediate access to the application form.

Step 8: Fill the fields with you Personal Information and Click on Submit

Step 9: Application Submitted| You will be redirected to the confirmation page.

Take not of you 6-Digit Application ID and it should be used when communicating with SASSA together with the file number.

If you are an employ, then you can also get the SASSA SRD Grant (R350). The eligibility of applicant for SRD grant is assessed based on multiple factors including total income and other assets.

SRD Grant Dates are different in every month. There is no specific day or date of every month.

No, there is a specific criteria like individuals with low income, disable people, special children or jobless individuals.

SRD grant is paid to the low income asylum seekers or students on scholarships who meet the eligibility criteria of SRD SASSA Grant. In Short, Yes the students can also avail the SASSA SRD program as their financial assistance.